The Club is organised with a number of sections, representing the different interest, scale or gauge. Each section has a team leader, who will explain and show new members what the section is up to and introduce you to others in the section.

Please note as a club member you may take an interest in just one or as many sections as you like!

The linked pages give a introduction, pictures and videos to each of the sections, but this is no substitute for seeing the real thing so please come along and have a look.

In addition to the established sections the club has recently added a Scaletrix layout and a collection of model fairground rides.

The video below gives an idea of what may be running on a typical Sunday morning (this was November 2019). What’s running depends on who’s there on the day!

Today at the Club

Slået op af Iom Skipper i Lørdag den 9. november 2019