The 0 Gauge Section have a permanent raised outdoor layout. Like all our sections new members will be warmly welcomed by the section leader Alan.

The original layout was a double track oval with a passing/storage loop in both directions. The main feature being a freelance girder bridge at the rear. Trackwork and clearances were originally constructed to 16mm standards – 16mm uses the same width track as 0 Gauge but it represents a Narrow Gauge rather than 0’s Standard Gauge. After some years with limited support there’s recently been a revival in interest in the section.

The rear section of the layout, which goes under a large tree, had tarpaulins over it to keep the leaves and bird deposits of the track. These were a bother to put on and off for operating and had also got unsightly. So last year (2017) an open sided “snow” shed was built to improve the appearance and operating. Also an extra siding was added inside the oval to facilitate the raising of steam for live steam locos

This year the inner oval of old track has been lifted and been replaced with new Peco 0 gauge track and initial work is underway to add further siding and tracks.

PLEASE NOTE: The content of this page and attached Gallery is in the early stages of construction and will be enhanced gradually over the forthcoming months.